Design—In-House Mtls, Danville Science Center (Ongoing)

Having digital design skills and experience often comes in handy regardless of my position! I've been happy to help out at the DSC recently with digital bits and baubs that require a quick turnaround. These are simple print items with very basic branding ranging from handouts for on-site visitors to updating ad content. Maintaining the look and feel of pre-existing, official materials is extremely important. One of the biggest challenges has been working with tiny source files for graphics and without access to original un-layered, working files. I've had to remake official logos in Illustrator to support different color combinations needed, for example, in the “Sea Monsters” ad. Still, I'm happy to be of help and I like a challenge!

JANUARY 2015 —Working with my boss to pitch an idea for a “Dollar Day” at the dome to celebrate it's one year anniversay in February. Asked to mock something up. I took a photo outside with my iPhone. Made in Adobe Illustrator.
JANUARY 2015 — Asked by my boss to remake our reserved parking signs. I gave him some options with our logo included. Made in Adobe Illustrator.
JANUARY 2015 — Revised Digital Dome Theater showtimes through March. Added early AM shows just for school groups, thus the italicized font to set it apart. We thought it might also stimulate interest with other groups who didn't know about our group options.
DECEMBER 2014 —Had to crop a very tall poster to fit into this much wider, shorter space, and also give it the same look and feel as the “Pandas” ad below, which comes from corporate HQ. Also remade the logo from scratch since I only had access to a very low-res, very pixelated PNG file with different colors. Made in Adobe Illustrator.
DID NOT DESIGN THIS ONE—Simply had to make the ”Sea Monsters” ad (above) with the same look and feel as this one which comes from official corporate HQ.
DECEMBER 2014 —People come in all the time asking for the movie schedule, but we have nothing to give them. My boss requested that I design a simple handout with the holiday schedule. Since these are very disposable, I tried to save paper with 4 to a sheet. Made in Adobe Illustrator.
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