Inner Children and Burning Babies

A series that visually tries to represent the distancing from ourselves work often facilitates.

Losing Touch
Stuff Inside the Modern Manchild
This isn't rocket science.

Ever worked a job that distanced you from yourself? Such is the modern condition.

A lot of my work from college explored 'What it means to be a man, today' and the Burning Baby image popped into my head as a powerful metaphor for a new social archetype.

These were actually 'exhibited' in a friends apartment gallery in Brooklyn many years ago. Good times!
Thinking about the Japanese 'salary man' here. The inner child starts to feel a disconnect.
Nobody's really happy in this scenario –the overworked office dude nor his little dude.
But anger gives way to depression and fear. Disoriented and confused, adrift inside the unhappy.
'What's happening to me?'

(Dont like this one. The gesture makes me think of that damn Ooga Chaka baby from Ally McBeal.)
Things go down hill fast. The inner child begins to wither. I imagined that like some sort of in vitro immolation.
Adrift and dying.
The middle chunk at the center of their being is a big loss.
Out goes the soul.
Full on loss.
Nearly done.
'I just feel lost.'
One for my MySpace page (remember those) way back in '07?
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