LOGO - ThinkProgress = ThinkCenterRight

Just riffing on a joke from the Jimmy Dore show I heard this morning, “ThinkProgress should call themselves ThinkCenterRight.”

I was listening to an episode of The Jimmy Dore Show this morning on YouTube and liked his idea to rename “ThinkProgress” “ThinkCenterRight,” given their coziness with establishment candidates and co-option of more progressive positions.

I looked up the Think Progress logo to see how tough it would be to tweak, and it didn't look too hard; I haven't worked in Illustrator in awhile and I needed the practice, so I spent a little time today making this.
Think Center Right logo.
Think Center Right Twitter profile image
Exploring Twitter profile pics.
Exploring logo iterations. I decided on Futura for the font—it's close, not perfect, but this was just for fun.
Drawing the 'T' 'C' and 'R' letters were where I started, once I'd traced the initial Think Progress 'T'.
I began with importing the Think Progress logo from their Twitter profile pic into Illustrator.
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