Poster Design - PechaKucha Night Roanoke 8, March 2014

Volunteered to do event poster designs for SilverSeas PR's PechaKucha Nights in Roanoke, VA —one of only 2 official PKN locales in the state! Very excited. This is the first one and I went for LOUD. I also came up with the tag line, “Get Your Speak On” inspired by “Get Your Freak On” by Missy Elliot. From there, I started thinking about hip hop culture and Paula Scher's designs for the Public Theater in NYC. The client is very happy and it looks like I will be doing the rest of this year's PKN event posters!

My aim was LOUD and visually gripping. I wanted to make something that would people would pause to look at.
There were also multiple parties to be integrated into the design, a sponsor hierarchy (RideSolutions is the largest sponsor), official PKN language, and a late addition! Overall, I'm happy, and cant wait to do more!
Next up, developing social media assets including Facebook page banner and a few tweetable items.
Here is the client's poster from a previous event. I was given wide latitude to develop something visually exciting and freedom to play with the copy to create an engaging voice.
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