(Pre)Launch Slides – Vegan For The Win™ Blog, 2013

In the build up to launching my veganism blog, I wanted to practice designing for the template slides and build interest, so I designed a series of pre-launch slides to share socially –a snippet here, a piece there. And thusly killed two birds with one stone. The look of the Vegan For The Win™ brand is fresh, sunshine-y, and “California.” These designs built on the initial logo design and color palette.

I made these slides to build up to the launch of my vegan design business, Vegan For The Win™ in the summer of 2013. I shared them via social media snapshots to build interest and enthusiasm.
From a Art/Creative Direction, I wanted to maintain the fresh, sunshine-y, “California” feeling I'd established with the logo design, and a palette of fruit and vegetable colors.
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