Presentation Design - “What Vegans Eat,” January 2014

Pechakucha-style slides for “What Vegans Eat” public presentation in Roanoke, VA on January 15, 2014.

I presented “What Vegans Eat” before a live audience at Pechakucha Night 7 in Roanoke, VA in January of 2014. If you're not familiar with the Pechakucha format, it's 20 images each playing for 20 seconds for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds —once you start, you're off and running!
SO much of veganism in the popular imagination seems to be about guilt and weighty obligation (that's the perception), so I wanted to present a “light-hearted romp” through the meals that make up my days.
I will post a link to a video version of the presentation, complete wth my delivery once I've re-recorded. There's no live version available yet from the show's organizer, though a recording was made. =/
Start off with something light.
Heart Disease! Hook the audience further.
Laying down a challenge.
Hot dog and bologna theory of veganism.
Eating vegan on the road. (Plus my eldest daughter dawg, Matilda.)
Our vean wedding cake!
My numbers.
Howard Lyman quote and teensiest snorfler pic for the win!
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